SUCRA : Operational Guidelines for SUCRA
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November 13, 2006
Approved by the First Committee of
Cyber Repository of Academic Resources in fiscal 2006

Operational Guidelines for Saitama University Cyber Repository of Academic Resources (SUCRA)

1. The application procedures for SUCRA: The Saitama University Cyber Repository of Academic Resources (hereafter referred to as "SUCRA") operated in Saitama University (hereafter referred to as "the University") will be set out in these Operational Guidelines.

(Purpose of Disclosure)
2. It is intended to contribute to society by registering the academic results of the University on SUCRA, and sharing them inside and outside of the University through electronic media.

3. People who can contribute academic results to SUCRA (hereafter referred to as "Contributors") are as follows.
(1) Faculty members and graduate students enrolled in the University
(2) Other persons approved by the Director of Library of the University

(Requirements for Disclosure)
4. Academic results that can be disclosed by SUCRA should fit all of the requirements mentioned below.
(1) The academic results should be prepared by the Contributor himself or herself in collaboration with other researchers while he or she is enrolled in the University.
(2) The academic results should comply with laws and regulations as well as the rules of the University.
(3) The academic results should not create any illegalities or any unacceptable problems for current social standards relating to the subjects mentioned below.
a. Human rights issues including defamation of character and violations of privacy.
b. Information security
c. Duty of confidentiality
(4) Disclosure of the academic results should not create any other problems.

5. The Contributor should submit the academic results to the Library in accordance with designated disclosure licensing procedures.

6. In the case that copyright of the submitted academic results belongs to multiple persons including the Contributor himself or herself, or to a person other than the Contributor, the Contributor should disclose this fact to other copyright holders in advance under the requirements provided in Article 4, and should obtain a licensing agreement of disclosure beforehand.

(Registration and Disclosure)
7. Based on the investigation on the submitted academic results according to the Copyright Act and other related laws and regulations, and in the case that it is decided that there would be no disadvantages with disclosure, the Library will register the academic results on SUCRA and share them for free.

8. In the event of release, the Library should respect the rules mentioned below.
(1) It should not effect a change in the expression of the content of works or title. But for sections where suitable expression is not possible due to technical restraints, these sections may sometimes be omitted or substituted with alternatives in consultation with the Contributor.
(2) The name of the author and a copyright notice shall be displayed.
(3) At the time of releasing, the user's attention should be called to the fact that the academic results should be used with respect to the Copyright Act.

9. People who use the academic results registered on SUCRA via networks (hereafter referred to as "Users") have to obtain the licensing agreement of copyright holders when they intend to use the academic results beyond the permissible limits of citation or other private purposes that are clearly stipulated in the Copyright Act.

(Cancellation of Release)
10. The Library can cancel the release of the academic results registered on SUCRA in those cases mentioned below.
(1) In the case that the Contributor applies for a cancellation of the release of his or her paper, stating the reasons for the cancellation, and where this is approved by the Committee of Cyber Repository of Academic Resources.
(2) In the case that the Committee of Cyber Repository of Academic Resources finds the disclosure offensive and determines to cancel the release.

11. The University is not liable for any damages or losses to users that are produced through the use of academic results registered on SUCRA.

12. These Operational Guidelines come into effect on November 13, 2006.

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